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As well as offering an amazing live experience, we have some truly stunning extras available to you to help enhance our show and allow you the option to record your event professionally. We are the forerunners of live audio/visual packages and the only function band to offer these services. All of our visual and audio packages are recorded and edited by our own in house team and nothing is outsourced meaning the best continuity and prices for our clients.

Below is a comprehensive list of the packages and services we offer, some of which are exclusive to Popgun. If you have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch.


  • Basic Option
  • 2 x 45 minute sets
  • Unmanned DJ service (80s Playlist)
  • Full PA system
  • Stage lighting (two full gig bars)
  • 6pm arrival
  • Up to midnight finish


  • Most Popular Package
  • 2 x 45 minute sets
  • Fully automated light show
  • Unmanned DJ service (80s Playlist)
  • Full PA system
  • 5pm arrival
  • up to midnight finish


  • The Ultimate 80s Experience
  • 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute sets
  • Full video production (8 camera angles)
  • Fully automated light show
  • Confetti Blowers
  • Manned DJ service
  • Full PA system
  • 5pm arrival
  • Up to midnight finish

Unmanned DJ service

This service is simply us playing tried and tested playlists through our music system between sets and up to midnight. The playlists we have differ from dancefloor hits to background ballads depending on the point of the evening. The idea of it being unmanned is that we can't unfortunately take song requests however the set lists we have created are guaranteed floor fillers.

Manned DJ service

This service is basically one or more members of the band picking the songs live, taking requests and reading the room to make sure the party is jumping. On this service we can also create playlists prior to the event using your own song ideas so we can personally tailor the sets to your liking. This service means potentially you wouldn't need a DJ as we can provide the exact same service at the same standard.

Automated Light Show

This service is basically a full automated light and laser show synced to the set list so basically the lights are programmed to react with the songs we are playing. It's much like a professional gig you might see at a stadium, it can turn your event into a full blown 80s show. This isn't just a few lights; this is a full blown stadium spec light set up. This has to be seen to be believed.

Here is the full list of the lights we offer.

  • 2 x Chauvet gigbars (each one has two par cans, two derby's plus a strobe)
  • 2 x Dominators by Showtec (derby/strobe and laser)
  • 2 x American DJ Freq 5 strobes
  • 2 x Showtec Sunstrips
  • 1 laser world CS1000 LASER
  • 2 X American DJ Fog Fury's (Upright smoke machines)
  • 2 x American DJS Mega Pars
  • 3 x LED Bar Lights
  • DW Light up Acrylic drum kit

Audio Production

This service allows us to record our whole set live as it happens using our brand new 32 channel mixing desk and up to the minute recording software. Scores of high quality microphones will capture the band and the ambience of the evening. This can make for a great memento for your guests. After the event we will mix the sound to studio quality audio then send the results back to you on CD or MP3 format.

Video Production

This is the ultimate souvenir for your event. Up to 8 camera angles with professional visual and audio recording. The music is recorded from our state of the art Mackie 32 DLR where later it is edited from the footage from the cameras and produced into a commemorative DVD for you.

The cameras are places around the stage plus attached to instruments to capture the energy of the performance and one is available on a selfie stick for the crowd to film themselves or the band. Popgun are the only function band to date to offer this service and it's a fantastic way to immortalise your special day.

Some of the different camera angles weve used.

  • Drum Overhead Camera
  • Stage Left Camera
  • Stage Right Camera
  • Bass Neck Camera
  • Guitar Neck Camera
  • Keytar Body Camera
  • Crowd Camera
  • Selfie Stick
  • Mic Stand Camera (lead singer)
  • Drum Body Camera
  • Drum Stand Camera
  • Full Stage Camera

Confetti Blowers

Make it a night to remember with the ultimate finale option. Two industry standard confetti blowers will shoot up piles of confetti at the peak moment of the final song elevating your party or event to legendary status. The confetti is available in various colour and material options.

*Confetti blowers only available in conjunction with the light show package and is subject to agreement with the venue.

Promotion Package

When you book Popgun for your public show we will of course offer you some promotional ideas such as a poster and mentions over our social media however if you are looking at other ways to promote your event then we offer an exclusive promotional package. In the past our clients who have chosen this option have seen huge numbers of additional interest which usually culminates in a sell out show. Check out a video advert we did below.

Here is a list of some of the promotion we can offer.

  • A professional video advert featuring all the details of the event which can be uploaded to social media. Typically a video advert generates an additional 60% ticket sales.
  • A unique poster and flyer design specifically for your event.
  • A steady flow of social media promotion (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and target specific marketing making sure the right people in your local area know all about it.
  • A daily countdown starting 7 days before the event across social media platforms.
  • Additional listings on localised event websites.
  • Any additional advert designs you need for your own in house advertising including TV screen advert.