Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a band for your event we understand you may have a lot of questions. Here is a comprehensive list of the most common enquiries we have they we hope will aid you however if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch here

Whilst we are primarily an 80's band we do know a selection of songs from the 60s to the modern era which we can include at your discretion. We can also learn any song you require with notice subject to a small fee.
We do have a standard fee which caters for most requirements for events but additional factors such as distance, set length, arrival times and extra packages will have an effect on this. Please contact us directly and we can discuss your requirement.
For the standard service you get 2 X 45 minute sets plus encore. We will arrive anytime you need us after 6pm and finish at midnight. We will provide a state of the art PA and light set up too and play background music between sets.
We are based in Essex but have travelled all the UK and some places in Europe so technically speaking we are happy to travel anywhere but this will be reflected in our fee.
we offer a range of additional services which can all be found on our website http://www.popgun80sband.co.uk/services
We have both, our public Liability covers us up to £5,000,000. All our certification is available for your perusal at request.
Payment can be made via bank transfer or cash no later than the day of the performance however we do need a 20% deposit to secure your date. We also offer 0% interest payment plans which we are happy to discuss.
We have scores of testimonials and videos on our website for you to examine however we do understand that sometimes people want to see us live first and we are happy to accommodate in fact we encourage you to come see us out. We play a handful of public shows around the UK so let us know you are coming and we will make sure to lay on the hospitality and make time to talk to you and answer any questions you have.
In a short answer no. We can accommodate a sound limiter using various muting techniques and additional equipment which cut our volume.
In a short answer, yes. Discounts on volume of work will always be considered but it does depend on a variety of factors for example If the bookings are over consecutive days then our travel and accommodation costs will be less significant therefore we are only too happy to pass on the savings.
The most common questions that need answering are these. Does the venue has a sound limiter, does the venue allow smoke machine, confetti cannon and strobe lighting? (Lightshow package only), does the venue have parking, when can food be available to the band, any load in/out requirements, does the band have access to a green room/dressing room
Yes we can. If we don't already know the song we charge a fee which is purely to cover rehearsal and travel charges to the studio we use. Whilst we haven't been challenged with a song we haven't been able to learn and perform at a professional standard yet, any songs you wish for us to learn have to be quickly pre approved by us to guarantee the songs style and arrangements are something within our capacities as a band.
Ultimately this is entirely up to you and depending on the type of event but here is some pointers. For a wedding we find it's best to commence either straight after the first dance or 9pm depending on the events end time and the number of sets we are performing. We suggest also to keep the breaks between sets short to maintain the momentum. Serving food while the band are playing a set is murder for the dance floor so we suggest opening the buffet between sets. For parties we suggest starting between 9-9.30 which gives time for the guests to mingle beforehand. Public events you will know what works best for your venue but we have found that the later the band play the better the bar sales. It's important to note that whilst we agree set times and length beforehand we do understand that sometimes events overrun or timings can change so we can be flexible on the night just please keep us updated and we will work with you.
We have played everywhere from private parties in peoples front room to big theatres and everywhere in between. Whilst our PA equipment is more that adequate for most venues if we need more equipment we can easily hire what we need from a company we work with at superb rates. Extra charges may apply for additional equipment required.
Whilst he have played shows in spaces which were small, ideally the minimum amount of space required for our standard show is 2 x 3 meters width with a height of 3 meters. Any smaller than that can affect the show and what equipment we can use. For our lightshow the minimum space required is 4 x 3 meters to accommodate the light rigging.
For a standard evening booking we will around just before 6pm unless a prior arrangement has been made with yourselves. That gives us enough time to set up and pack away our cases before the event starts. For our lightshow bookings we require an additional hour to set up so we will arrive at 5. If early set up is required we can usually accommodate this for a fee depending on logistics.
Our standard finish is midnight but we can continue much later for an additional fee.
All of our requirement such as food, drink and payment requirements will be listed in the contract but is always good to touch base with us on the evening to go over these details.
One of us is lactose intolerant and we all have a dislike of fish and seafood, besides that we only ask that we have a hot meal available to each member as we do not want to leave the venue once we have arrived so we can oversea any technical issues or answer any questions you may have on the night.