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I have a passion for all things 80s and have contributed to some of the biggest 80’s websites around the world. I was 6 when the decade came to a close and I think my interests stem from some truly happy memories of the time.

If I’m not writing about the 80s you will find me playing in Popgun or pursuing other hobbies like writing, collecting rare specimens of Faberge eggs or having a good time somewhere. I’d like to think I say things as I see them and apart from one blatant lie in the previous sentence I’d like to think of myself as one of the good guys, perhaps a modern day hero.  Teaching music, bringing up an amazing three year old and spending time with friends and family takes up any other free time I have but I wouldn’t change my life for anyone else’s. .....well maybe David Hasselhoff’s but i’d have to see his medical records first.

Any feedback is always welcome and you can contact me directly at

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