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Check out my top 5 reason why I love the A Team. I love it when a blog comes together

Check out my top 5 underrated bands from the 80s that you never heard but probably should. They defined my 80s, how about yours?

Lethal Weapon is the best cop action film of the 80s. Read here about the classic Martin Riggs scene where he contemplates suicide but with an actual loaded gun.

30 years after Appetite For Destruction turned the world upside down we revisit some of the best cuts from the record breaking album.

We do it so you dont have to, check out our blog of the worst 80s number ones to ever hit the UK, you wouldnt find these on a Popgun playlist.

Please enjoy my blog to my all time favourite 80s star, Mr Sylvester Stallone. From Rocky, Rambo and Rhinestone.